Review: Children of Blood and Bone

Oh, my friends. I closed this book shut about five days ago and am still reeling from it. It was heart-pounding and gut-wrenching and soul-stirring. Children of Blood and Bone is worth the hype.  Anybody who follows literary news has heard of first time author Tomi Adeyemi's debut YA fantasy -- book one of a... Continue Reading →

Digital DNA & Privacy Gone Public

This assignment was for IFSM 201: Concepts and Applications of Information Technology class at UMUC. I received an A on my essay, which was based on the following question(s):  Read the following article at  Relate it to what you have learned so far and to the following thoughts on privacy of that information.  Will all the... Continue Reading →

Review: Once Upon a World Board Books

My youngest is a diehard princess fan. We've watched Frozen more times than I can count, she wants everything in her life to be purple because of Sophia the First, and she insists on wearing a dress almost every single day no matter the weather. "No pants, Mama," she says. "Pants are dumb." (True story, kiddo.)... Continue Reading →

Review: Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore

Mysteries aren't my favorite genre. The writing has to be really tight throughout the story -- including the ending -- for it to be successful. Too often, I find mysteries that hold my interest in the first three-quarters will fall apart at the end because of predictability, implausibility, or both. Let's just say, this one wasn't... Continue Reading →

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